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Dell 5480: run it as a Hackintosh?


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Technically it is compatible with MacOS, in practice if it has not already been done, an EFI that is functional must be developed. So if you get organized by creating a USB to install Mac on your Dell, we try to make an EFI useful for other users as well.
It takes patience to make everything work. There are users who are too rushed and have little patience to develop the EFI.

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@Lin_25 Before anything else, please post your system's hardware specs (exact CPU model, iGPU model, audio codec, LAN, wireless, card reader, etc.). Latitude 5480 can be Skylake with HD5x0 graphics or Kaby Lake with HD6x0 graphics so settings would differ.


Do also consult the numerous threads about the Latitude 5480 that are available in this very section.

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