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Precision 5530: Monterey working fine with XPS 9570 EFI


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Just wanted to inform that my 5530 is booting OC 0.8 using this guys excellent EFI for the XPS 9570.




So happy, because I've been struggling to get it to work on my own for days without success.


Edit: WD19TB thunderbolt dock is not recognized as far as I can see. Won't even charge from it.

Also I think there's other ppl that need credit for getting OC/Monterey to work on 9570, but this is what I used.



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Hello @ancan


I found your post and thought to give it a try. However hit a snag, would you be able to help out? I'm pretty new to this stuff.


So i recently acquired a 5530 and tried to install it using the repo pointed above. First i executed without a change. So it shows install ui, takes around an hour to complete, then reboots, then on 3rd reboot continue to reboot showing ETA 29 minutes. Was not able to grab the issue so deployed a debug oc 0.8. Now the stuck loop at the start shows message for some time i could take a shot.




- I did not understand the issue as to what should be changed to move forward

- most opencore videos shows when you boot up, shows a text based menu, mine shows up graphical with 2 options

- i still don't have dw1830 wifi card, did you replace the card in order to go forward?


Thank you for checking this out


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Thank you for reply @Jake Lo


I was able to enable debug, although it is still cryptic. i followed dortania debug page but had to remove buffer specs in boot command line, otherwise the boot gets stuck after 1-2 pages of log.


Looks like a long way to go. The behavior did not change yet (boot -> install -> boot -> stuck now instead of looping)


However i managed to collect logs. Still don't have knowledge to decipher what it complains.


I did saw some lines last night on the screen about wifi card 

and also saw some lines unable to write further the nvm boot log. Funny thing, all log files (of different retires) sized 262KB.


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currently I'm running Monterey, with no problems, on my precision 5510.  but more on that in a second.


I just got a 5530 yesterday, and spent the day trying to install macos on it. but, it kept getting stuck just trying to boot into the installer.  kernel panics kept happening.  IONVMEFamily.kext is where it was failing.  after doing some research, there are 2 models of ssds that are having issues with that kext.  the Samsung PM981, and the micron 2200s.  looking into the drives that came on both my laptops, the 5530 came with the micron ssd, and looking back at what drive came in my 5510, i found out it originally had the Samsung one.  obviously the samsung drive is not currently in my 5510.  and I have a replacement ssd on order for my 5530.  Hopefully that fixes my problem.  just sharing my experience to point out something to check if your having NVME errors, as it seems from my experience, the trouble drives were shipped on these laptops. 




otherwise for troubleshooting purposes, if you think it might be related to the wireless card, disable the related kexts in your config.plist, and see if the errors resolve themselves.

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