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E5470: boot loop again


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i just did that Herve, it boots up on the 2nd attempt !?!?!?

i disabled all the wireless conection options in BIOS , the booted up 5 times in a row with no issues

can i update the onchip firmware vi dellls website ? just a thought as these  cards are not cheap !

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There's an additional parameter some people have had to use in Monterey (12.3.1 I think) for the DW1820A: brcmfx-delay. Meaning you need to inject AirportBrcmFix kext too but I think you do.



In the following post, OP set the delay to 27s, there's a good chance it'll fix your issue too:



There is no firmware you can load on these cards except Bluetooth ones and that won't be of any help re: boot loops/freezes.

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