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Dell E6530: video glitches + audio not working in Big Sur


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Hello all, 


I have a dell E6530 Running Big Sur 11.6.5 with the following specs

Core I7 32502M @ 2.8Ghz

6GB DDR3 Ram

Intel 4000 Graphics

wifi Builtin intel ( works with airportiltm kext)

sleep, wake, everything works fine, 

I am not able to get the audio working in this, its very important for me as I'm a music composer and I need the built in audio to work

the audio chipset is C216, this is a intel graphics only model


I have attached the efi folder I do get display glitches every now and then, shutdown also has a glitch if anyone can help me get the audio working that would be great


thank you in advance


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If you look into your BIOS Info you should see your audio codec.

Afaik, audio codec of all E6x30 is IDT 92HD93; this works with Lilu + AppleALC kexts and layout-id 12. CodecCommander kext is usually required too.

Your OC config is simply missing that layout injection, that's all.


Graphics glitches are due to 16MB default Memory Size in the Capri Framebuffer and must be reduced to 8MB; just add the appropriate injections against iGPU at PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) in your OC config.


See the various E6x30 guides already published on the forums and the numerous threads about E6x30 models with attached configs/EFI folders.

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Open up your OC config file with apps such as OpenCoreConfigurator, ProperTree, PlistEditPro or Xcode.

In Device Properties section, add the necessary properties.


1) for Audio, i.e. device at PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0), add:

key: layout-id
value: 12
type: NUMBER


2) for iGPU, i.e. device at PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0), add:

key: framebuffer-patch-enable
value: 1
type: NUMBER

key: framebuffer-fbmem           
value: 00008000
type: DATA


Save your config, reboot, execute Reset NVRAM at OC Picker and restart; that's it.


See here for details.

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hey Jake, 

I did test for audio and I still got nothing, I added codeccommander.kext and still nothing is working I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I also updated the alcid = 12, I'm still with the debug version of open core I don't know if that has got something to do with this, I have attached my current efi folder as well, its been a long time since I made a Hackintosh and I'm not really familiar with these things, kindly help me outEFI.zip it said that the audio is c216 intel 7 series, and this is a core i7 intel only model


I checked again with DPCI manager and it says that my audio device is 0x80861E20 with subdevice 0x10280535 I don't know if it helps 

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If you look in the BIOS, it should show 92HD93 as Hervé posted above.

Post IOReg file using IORegistryExplorer.app version 2.1. You can google it.

Might be an IRQ conflict. Follow here to generate the patches using SSDTTime

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