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[Solved] Dell 7280 Monterey post install issues - USB Type C


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Hi OSX team,


I am getting a bit desperate trying to resolve the USB Type-C issue with my Dell 7280 in Monterey.

I would be grateful for help or pointing in the right direction.



Everything is working post install but here are the problems I've encountered that need attention...

* USB Type-C only detects thumb drive on boot or restart. If I eject the thumb drive and reinsert - it won't detect until I restart the laptop.
* Laptop feels pretty warm averaging 48-50c Celsius - Normal?
* When battery drains down to 20%. It'll suddenly dip from 20% straight to 6%



I've YouTubed, googled and read thru the forum as much as I can to figure out these issues but I could use some help please. I've attached IOREG and config.plist for your reference if anyone can assist. MacBook Pro.zip


Currently running on EFI with OC 0.7.8

Dell Latitude 7280 (Core i7 7th Gen)

16GB DDR4 Ram

Intel HD520 graphics 

Realtek ALC256

IntelWifi 8265

Battery Cycle Count 395

Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 4772



Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 3.46.22 pm.png



MacBook Pro.zip

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Hi Baio,


Actually let me retract what I said about it working. It will only detect when I have the usb-c thumb drive connected on reboot. I can eject and reconnect fine.


Not the case when it's inserted after powering ON the laptop.


Has to be inserted prior to reboot or switching on the laptop.


What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance 


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TB3 on Hack is not that simple, it seems the latest versions of TB3 perform better. I can pass you a TB3 SSDT, but with this I have always had problems if I send the PC to sleep \ wake. I don't know your Dell specs, need your TB3 make model, try this in EFI .
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NU-TeJz4RD96_OLnjmZJMhnbX3GgQ8du/view?usp=sharing SSDT TB3 , if start ioreg .

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