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Dell 5290 2-in-1: Monterey post-installation issues with OC 0.8.3


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I've followed the Dortania guide and have had success with installing macOS Monterey. However, I'm stuck at the post-install stage where an error comes up with OCB: startimage failed

- have cleared NVRAM but another error occurs with photo attached.


Haven't actually booted into the OS. Just keeps giving me the same errors and rebooting back to OC Picker. Can anyone help?


BIOS 1.21.0

CPU Intel i7-8650U @ 1.90 Kabylake R

RAM 16gb 2133MHz DDR3

SSD SK hynix SC401 SATA 256GB

DISPLAY UHD Graphics 620




Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 8.40.06 am.png

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 8.51.55 am.png

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 8.52.02 am.png

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I uploaded the EFI with airport kext otherwise it wouldn't allow me to upload. I installed a BCM94352Z wifi card which is compatible for Airdrop.

Been working on this all day and have gotten into macOS. 


Issues now are


Display is showing as Intel UHD Graphics 620 9 MB

- PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) - I have it as 'ig-platform-id' and if I rename it to 'AAPL,ig-platform-id'. The laptop doesn't boot and keeps restarting at the apple logo.

- Touchscreen not working

- USB-C ports aren't working yet - Haven't gotten around to it.

- Trackpad only works as trackpad. No apple gestures


I'm working on these atm and trying to understand more about hackintoshing. It's been a good project.


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Thanks for your EFI. Working as listed


- Wifi/Bluetooth/Airdrop | BCM94352Z

- Display | UHD 620 1536mb

- Touchscreen | Karabiner 

- Trackpad recognised tho only 2-point touch gesture for vertical scrolling


Not working at the moment. Tried to do on my own but still need help


- Thunderbolt USB Type C 3.1 - Only detects on boot. Not detected again after ejecting. Common issue but only need USB 3.1 working. Don’t need the thunderbolt 3.

- Battery percentage not showing in status bar - not listed in options either.

- Camera. AVStream 2500 - no kext.


Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 8.52.42 am.png




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