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HP EliteBook 810 G3: Intel HD 5500 patch for Ventura


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hi guys I have installed ventura no my hp and I read that you need to patch with oc 051 in order for card to work.

so I downloaded oc legacy and did that but now 

 when I boot when I reach desktop it stays black....while before it booted with 3mb in the intel hd5500.

I tried in putting a few config but results is the same????

Any idea which one will do the trick???

I attach a screenshot on my card id



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Ventura dropped support for anything older than Kaby Lake and therefore older than Intel HD61x/620/630 graphics. So, indeed, you'll need to apply the graphics patch offered by latest version of OCLP (v0.5.0 being the earliest one for such Ventura patches).


Be careful given that OCLP really is a tool for real Mac computers not Hackintosh computers. Only install the graphics patch and nothing else. You'll probably have to keep Broadwell MBP12,1 SMBIOS and boot with -no_compat_check boot arg to boot Ventura and then apply the OCLP patch. I've not had to use the tool on any of my Hackintoshes (only on a real iMac) but I guess you'll only use it in post-install phase, i.e. do not make a macOS installer for your Hackintosh with OCLP.


Make sure to read the OCLP documentation thoroughly and keep in mind that, at this point of time, the OCLP Ventura patches remain in beta stage and aren't bug free.





If you want a fully and properly working Hackintosh, wisdom dictates you stick to Monterey for the time being.

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