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Thinkpad X260: black screen with Ventura


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@EMU7989 I don't think you need some of those properties you inject:



I recommend you remove those properties highlighted in red. Never seen any need for dual link properties since Ivy Bridge days (this may be the cause of your black screen), HD520 is not HDMI 2.0 and KBL 0x59160000 framebuffer is natively defined with 3 ports/3pipes.


Re: injected kexts, you correctly inject v1.6.3 of Lilu + Whatevergreen but I do wonder what those do and why you inject them:

  • AppleBacklightSmoother
  • AMFIExemption
  • YogaSMC

I'd recommend you get rid of those too.


One thing you can do with Monterey is call on a Ventura-targeting config in which you add the Lilu/WEG boot arg -igfxsklaskbl which will allow you to test faked KBL graphics in Monterey. If you use Clover, you may just boot Monterey with a specific config file to that effect that you'd call from the Clover main menu->Options->Configs.


This being said, do search the forum for black screen in Ventura, I think there are posts about this very matter on Skylake laptops.

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Try the KBL settings for Ventura with Monterey (MBP14,1, KBL faked iGPU settings, boot arg -igfxsklaskbl)..

Failing that, try and boot Ventura in VESA mode to check if you can reach the desktop without graphics acceleration. This would confirm whether your issue is iGPU settings related or not.

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