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Latitude E5440: Ventura WIP

Andres Galeano

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I don't feel like anything has changed but it sure gives you better performance.
Here I attach EFI Folder.

we will continue working on its performance

I have noticed that there are times when the SHUTDOWN or RESET does not work. It just stays on black screen. I had found a possible solution with hackingtool fix hinbernate and it didn't work.

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It was mentioned on p1 but macOS OTA updates require that your booted system complies with a set of pre-requisites:

  1. SMBIOS of a fully supported Mac model (unsupported models will not attract updates)
  2. no -no_compat_check boot arg
  3. no Apple_Internal SIP flag enabled (5th bit of csr_active_config parameter). See our SIP-related FAQ topic for details

These apply to systems using Clover. For systems using OpenCore, I vaguely remember that there's another pre-requisite around SecureBootModel or something of that essence; you'll have to look that up.


You may therefore need to have 2 x configs at hand to be able to obtain and install Ventura updates on your unsupported platform: your current config and a specific "supported model" config (eg: MBP14,1 SMBIOS, no -no_compat_check, SIP=0xFEF) that you'll use exclusively for updates.


Given that you're running Ventura on a Haswell Latitude E5440 with HD4400 graphics, you used OCLP patching to apply root patching and gain graphics acceleration. Make sure the option you selected/unselected in the tool do not prevent OTA updates. Check out the tool's documentation. On a real Mac, default parameter for the targeted system do support OTA updates, but that's real Mac...

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EFI OC 0.9.0 use OCAT to manage the Config.plist.





Try this EFI, Corrections:
Add Kext SDReader
Fixed Kext USBPort not loading as it is done with SMBios Macbookpro 11.4
Removed Useless Kexts ECEnable is not needed on DELLs, it should still see the battery
PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x3,0x0) is wrong contains strings for IGPU.


Test in USB if start ioreg.

I advise you to compare each section of the config because I changed various things.

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Hi, how are you? I am just catching up with these topics. I have seen the EFI folder sent by


 and I have seen the corrections and I found them very good. One issue that needs to be corrected in the EFI that I'm currently using is the issue of shutdown, I can't get it to turn OFF correctly. It simulates a shutdown since it makes all the transitions but the screen remains black but it does not turn OFF and there is still movement and operation in the hardware. I hope you can help me as I think it would be the last thing to achieve maximum performance in the Hackintosh.

USB issue when plugged into the USB on the back edge below the screen everything freezes.

At the moment these are the only problems encountered.

MacBook Pro de Andres 12-03-23.ioreg


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IOReg is unlikely to be of any use for that shutdown problem; a zipped copy of the bootloader's EFI you're using would be much more useful...


As far as running Ventura on those unsupported platforms is concerned, you should:

  1. re-use what you had under Big Sur/Monterey (assuming everything worked Ok under macOS 11/12, including shutdown)
  2. update all your add-on kexts to latest versions (especially Lilu & PlugIns)
  3. use the SMBIOS of a MBP model supported under Ventura (eg: MBP14,1) for initial installation (and OTA updates)
  4. revert to Haswell SMBIOS and boot with -no_compat_check boot arg post-install
  5. apply OCLP root patching (use OCLP v0.6.1 minimum) after booting with Haswell settings for the 1st time

and that's it. Has worked perfectly for my Ivy Bridge E6230, so it should too on your Haswell E5440. I'd say your shutdown issues are related to some patched ACPI tables or ACPI patches you use.

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