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HP 820 G3: Ventura adjustments and 4G modem configuration


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Hi everyone,


I'm newbie on hackintosh and I have tried to install macOS Ventura on my HP Elitebook 820 G3 using EFI Opencore 0.8.5 from @Jake Lo as posted here.

Everything works as described in  guide, but I think CPU fan doesn't: it's always on with continuous noise.

Then, on login screen, I have selected Italian Language but language for login screen is always english.

Someone have some adjustment for these ? 


Furthermore, I have a Sierra EM7455 modem 4G LTE and I have tried to configure it on 820 G3; EM7455 works on Windows installation without issue but i can't view on macOS. I have tried to install kexts found on github (https://github.com/KirisameR/Sierra-Wireless-EM74xx-Series-WWAN-Card-Driver-for-macOS-Catalina) without success; on Finder's bar in Ventura, I have an "unsupported card" type icon. 


Thanks in advance to everyone who can help me.

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Look at our WWAN section here for possible assistance re: WWAN module. But given the availability of data connection sharing on SmartPhones, I see very little use for WWAN modules these days; and these require a SIM card to be inserted in the laptop too.

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