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HP EliteBook X360 G2: problems trying to run Catalina with OpenCore

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ok so I removed TbtForcePower.efi and ToggleSipEntry.efi from the Drivers folder and I could get the device to boot.


In the meantime, I did some changes to the config.plist (added 2 devices properties) and was able to make the FN keys for brightness level adjustment to work!


Now I tried for several hours to make my audio work... Mic input is well recognised and working but I have no audio coming from the speakers. Here is what I get in HackintoolScreenshot2023-09-16at23_32_56.thumb.png.07673ad2383db97262c1b1bb2a778e2b.png


I tried the 2 different layout ID (21 and 22) without any success.


I uploaded my last EFI but removed some KEXT (Applealc.kext was also removed) to be able to upload as the size was too big




Ho and I forgot my last IOREGX360 MacBook Pro.zip

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I am still investigating my audio issue and I found 2 new issues that are maybe related:


- YouTube videos on Safari has a lot of drops in audio and video playback

- Videos don't play on Apple TV application.


Maybe there is a correlation with these 2 issues and my low audio level.... anyway, I feel that there is something wrong with my configuration. Still investigating.



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UPDATE: I finally updated to Ventura and now the APPLE TV APP is working! Also Youtube is working too!


But...I am still encountering issue with low and distorted audio level. I keep searching for a solution but I think that I tried everything...


Does anybody have an idea on how this last issue could be fixed please?

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I realised that I have in fact 4 speakers on this particular laptop and I think that only 2 of them are working. Maybe this is causing the low audio volume from the speakers. Is anybody here on the forum do have same kind of speaker configuration on hp device which the 4 speakers are working? 

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