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ELAN, FocalTech and Synaptics (Smart Touchpad) Driver (Mac OS X)

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Update.... I tried the v4 1.x ... thinking it was the V4.0 beta... heh.


Im with a Acer V5-571-6679, with OSX 10.9.4 on clover, all working now... but weird touchpad, so using with mouse now, as touchpad is weird, driver says my hardware Elan Touchpad V4 hardware


I tried the 3.8.5 kext, and it really HANG the machine, or it hangs itself so, disabling the touchpad.

Anyone with a similar notebook, or V4 hardware having this issues, solved it in any way ? or used any other driver?


I really dont care a "lot" about getures, would be good... but at least a working driver where I can drag & drop correctly.  (you know, this version of touchpad have like only one place, no buttons, etc. the whole touchpad clicks, etc.) so normal drivers not work correctly, as all the surface, including where buttons supposed to be, are touch... so when you "click" and mantain clicked that mouse 1 area to say, and then want to move with other finger on the trackpad to drag a window or so, it just dont work.)


I would like to get the Beta driver, so I can try, and let you know how it goes, if hangs, etc.




PD: Driver says its firmware version 0x461f00, Assuming hardware version 4.

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I'm using 3.8.5 final version. I did install using kext wizard program. But the two-finger scrolling does not work. I came to the part of system settings touchpad, two finger scrolling is selected but does not work


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Can you add support for OS X Yosemite?


i'm already using v 3.8.5 on Yosemite

try to remove the kext + "ApplePS2Controller, VoodooPS2Controller, AppleACPIPS2Nub, ApplePS2Keyboard" from S/L/E

then try to reinstall Elam touchpad

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