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  1. You should buy the Copyright Removal option, also i would recommend to start with migration to another platform. maybe SMF forum. PS: Sorry but i can't donate at this moment (As i live in 3rd world country and it will take a while before the bank can renew my credit card.) hope you understand.
  2. 1- Attach your DSDT.aml 2- What is your OS X version? (Attach original AppleHDA.kext)
  3. Hello, touchpad scrolling is not working in version 4.3
  4. hello the bt firmware uploader was working great on yosemite all dps but when i upgraded to yosemite finale the bt is not working anymore(version 2.6) my BT info: VID: 0x0489 PID: 0xE032 i use combo card bcm4313 thank you
  5. Hello guys can i ask you if anyone knows how to get the bcm4313 (14e4-4727) works on OS x i've searched a lot but it seems impossible to make the bcm4313 works on os x???
  6. i'm already using v 3.8.5 on Yosemite try to remove the kext + "ApplePS2Controller, VoodooPS2Controller, AppleACPIPS2Nub, ApplePS2Keyboard" from S/L/E then try to reinstall Elam touchpad
  7. EMlyDinEsHThank you so much my bt works perfectly now
  8. hello EMlyDinEsHmy card comes with wifi and i have BCM4313
  9. hello i was wondering if you would help me with my BT adapter. Here is the info of my BT: VID: 0x0489 PID: 0xE032 Thank you very much
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