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Dell FAN control


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Running EDP 1.5 Final


.. dosent work...


Couldent you make a new thread and post all the details about your installation.. since it seems like alot of a neat things you get to work dosent work for anyone else ?

I am at stage of tests so I can't say that my installation is the best.

- my bootloader RC5m-721 with modules GraphicsEnabler.dylib, GUI.dylib, klibc.dylib, Memory.dylib, Resolution.dylib, USBFix.dylib

- boot.plist: arch=i386 cpus=1

- smbios.plist for model MacBook1,1

- dsdt I uploaded

- non-native kexts; IOPCIFamily, BCM5751, VoodooHDA, AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext, ACPIMonitor.kext,

AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext, AppleHDADisabler.kext, ApplePS2Controller.kext, FakeSMC.kext, IntelCPUMonitor.kext

all of them into s/l/e


ok slice tried it but also didn't work.. but what do i do with the daemon file? maybe thats why its not working?

daemon seems to be useless. Only GUI needed.


But if the GUI is not working then are you sure that kext is loaded? Did you ever see into kernel.log and system.log?

SIRS, did you able to test anything?



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Here is my installation


DSDT I uploaded at DSDT Reseach

New kexts at KEXT Research


VoodooSDHC is not working yet.

ApplePS2Controller is buggy, will return to it soon.

PCMCIA is not working with any kexts.

Voodoo3945 is not working, wait for mercurysquad works.

Sleep is not working now, since new PS2 installed.

I8kfan works but I didn't place it at s/l/e. I will later to rewrite it after some testing if occured. It show me unreal temperature (+15) and twice RPM FAN, while on Inspiron all is good. Later I plan to create famesmc plugin based on this kext.

I have good speedstep with two states: 800MHz and 1067MHz as it should be.

But IntelCPUMonitor show me wrong voltage so it should be rewritten for Yonah CPU. I have no feedback about Merom CPU.


Still many many works here.


Where can I place instructions "How to test drivers?"?

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well instructions do help, i do not have your vast knowledge of osx.. you have been on the seen since 10.4 and are one of the pioneers in the hackintosh community most kext have your hand in it in one way ore another so you know way more than i about osx..

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