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D820 Lion 10.7.4 Crash at start of install


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BIOS A10 (latest) default settings (also tried turning off BT and Cellular that are not installed)

MyHack 3.1.2

Current bootpack for D820 Lion

2.16GHz Core 2 Duo


Quadro NVS 110M

OSX 10.7.4 Install image


Installer USB was built on an Atom-based htosh running 10.6.2


Followed instructions here to the letter.

Boots USB to installer fine.

Get to start of installation (Install...)

Crashes soon after, report shows in LCA


Any ideas?  TIA



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I don't see a way to edit the topic or a post I started, can that be done?


Use the buttons at the bottom right corner of the posts to edit, delete, etc.



You are right, there are no bios options to set HDD mode, so it's IDE mode by default.

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OK. I've tried twice more with the wifi card disabled both times and using 2 completely different installer devices so it's not a bad usb stick.  I get the same crash when I hit the "customize" button as well so it's not just the start of an install. I'm attaching the crash log if that helps. This happens within a few seconds of moving off the "ready to install" screen. The screen goes textured gray and then the crash log comes up. nothing else displays in between.

Installer Log 8-Feb-2013.txt

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No joy. There were some hopeful tweaks in that list but same failure on install.


This machine seems to already have a Broadcom Wifi card.


Any handy boot param tweaks that might help given no AHCI setting in BIOS?


Should I try an older myHack? Is the 10.7.4 installer a possibility if most people have used older versions?


In general, it boots right up and displays fine into the install process. very few nags on the console listing too.


This machine also runs Windows with no problem so the hardware is fine.

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