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Dell Latitude D610


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I have a Dell Latitude D610 running on 10.5.8. for some time now.


I was wondering what would be the most recent Os version this system would be capable of running?

Would it be capable of running 10.6 or even 10.7 :unsure:


Or is 10.5.8. the best version for this system.



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Your system should be able to run Snow Leopard, but not Lion. It is a single core CPU, and Lion only support's dual core CPU's.


Have you tried a build with myHack already? I'm not totally sure if you need a special kernel for the Intel Pentium M, maybe someone else knows that.

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myHack should be fine. The only problem you will have, I think, is that your graphics chip isn't supported. How did you got it working in Leopard?


I haven't heard about other people who have Snow Leopard and the Intel 915 GM chip.

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I did, but it was not great! First and foremost, it'll only run with a legacy kernel because your Pentium M does not support SSE3 and booting with the SL Mach kernel will result in quick KP. You'll also need to patch the GMA950 kext to get full QE/CI with the onboard GMA900, if that's what you have in terms of graphics.


Have a look at my Inspiron 6000 research thread, the specs are probably a bit similar to the D610: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1955-dell-inspiron-6000/

I did get SL 10.6.8 in it, but eventually abandoned because it was not running great (really bad graphics). Hopefully the D610 will be a bit different, but don't hold too much hope if it's using PATA/IDE HDD as you may find it difficult, not to say impossible to install SL on the HDD...


Try and give us the full specs of your D610.


There are 2 methods you could try: MyHack or Nawcom ModCD/ModUSB, the former being more flexible.

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All thanks for the input.


After 10 attempts I have put my Carbon Copy of the 10.5.8. back to the system.

I only had kernel panics and could not find a half descent installation guide.


10.5.8. runs rock solid so I will stick to that.

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