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Toshiba Portege R500- ML successfull install but no wireless


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Hi Guys,


I have installed ML on my Toshiba Portege R500. Everything is working perfect except wireless card. Install process is very straight forward and pretty much didn't require any fixes.  System runs really well and smooth, even tho its got on 1.2 ghz cpu


Is there any fix or driver for Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN? or do you know any replacement that would work with this model that will work with Toshiba?


Spec as follows:



 -Processor 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7600
 -Memory 1GB, 667MHz DDR2
 -Hard drive 120GB 5,400rpm
 -Chipset Intel 965
 -Graphics Mobile Intel Express 950GM (integrated)
 -Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
 -Screen size (diagonal) 12.1 inches

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Intel cards are not supported under Mac OS X. You'll need to replace it by a compatible card. Look for a provisionnal list in R&D hardware section->Network. It looks like you would need a full-size mini-PCIe model.


Could you post your zipped /Extra folder so that we look at integrating this new model in EDP? Thanks.


Which model is it exactly by the way? I see a whole list of R500 variants on the Toshiba web site...


According to the Toshiba online documentation, chipset is Intel 945GM, not 965GM. As such, with GMA950 graphics, ML is not the best Mac OS X version to install as support for that chip was dropped and you'll have no hardware acceleration, i.e. poor graphics (same as Dell D6x0 GMA models). Lion would however give you full QE/CI, so it's probably better to stick to that (or SL).


I've looked at the specs of all listed models and the Portégé 500 is similar to the Dell D430, with added benefits of standard SATA HDD/SDD as opposed to the infamous ZIF models used in the Dell + more ports or built-in accessories:

  • Intel 945GM chipset
  • Intel C2D FSB533 CPUs: U7600 1.2GHz or U7700 1.33GHz
  • GMA950 graphics
  • 12.1" WXGA LED LCD
  • up to 2GB DDR2 RAM
  • SATA 5400rpm 120/160GB HDD or 64/128GB SSD
  • Optical drive
  • PC card slot
  • Intel Pro/1000 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Intel 4965 802.11a/g/n wireless
  • Bluetooth 2.0 adapter
  • SD card reader
  • Fingerprint reader






Definitely a nice notebook to integrate to EDP.


We just need to identify audio + Bluetooth + SD card reader hardware to ensure/confirm compatibility, but maybe they work OOB? Intel Pro/1000 Ethernet might be a problem depending on exact version...

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Lan and audio are working perfectly fine :) I will check tomorrow if bluetooth is working. Left the machine at work. To carry E500 and D820 back an forth is enough ;) Not sure if the graphic card is full woking as I cant change resolution. Its stll on native resolution and I can see it in system pref. I'll do more testing tomorrow.

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Ok, will wait for your feedback then.


Graphics issue under ML is to be expected: Apple totally dropped support for GMA950 in ML (ML is 64bit mode only and there's no 64bit GMA950/X3100 kexts since an early SL update), so you won't get any resolution switching or acceleration. You can manually force resolution (up to max res) through Chameleon boot plist, but that's it. That's why SL and Lion are recommended since they still support GMA950 in 32bit mode.


To ensure that we can do a complete Vanilla installation, I'd invite you to download IORegistryExplorer and extract the IO details to pass on to us. You could also take a note of HW id info through Apple Menu -> About this Mac -> More info/System references and, in the Hardware section, look for:

  • vendor + device id of Ethernet interface
  • vendor + device id of Bluetooth module (it may appear under USB if nothing under bluetooth)
  • vendor + device id of audio hardware (if listed)
  • reference of controller under SATA (if listed)
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Ok just checked my Bluetooth is not working at all and graphic card has no other resolutions except native 1280x800. I haven't try to install any drivers yet. Busy day at work so I may have more time when I get back home,

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