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D630 won't boot with wifi enabled even after install


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Having a strange issue where my D630 with Intel wifi card will not boot when wifi is enabled in bios.


I know this is a known thing during install and that wifi has to be turned off but should I not be able to boot with it enabled (I am dual booting with W8) once install is complete?

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D630 with GMA X3100 graphics,  Mac OS X Lion and Intel 3945 wifi card, right?


Yep, right on. Soon to be replaced wifi card though (Boradcom Bcm94312mcg on the way)


then set the bios to use the switch on the side to control your wifi card. or manually shut it off in bios when booting osx or replace the card.


Yup, as above, wifi card to be replaced. In the meantime though, enabling the wifi in the bios and disabling with switch does not seem to work - boot always fails with system uptime message.


I can boot with it enabled and it's not a huge inconvenience having to enable in bios when booting into W8, I just wondered if this was as it was meant to be with this config and I am guessing it is.

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