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Now Im hoping to solve my graphics problem. GraphicsEnabler=Yes did nothing. Im hoping with the help of all of you I will be able to fix this.


Well, which bootloader you are using? If you could send us ioregfile saved from IORegistryExplorer app then we can help you.

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I have a new problem. The graphics card is not supported on 10.6.8, so I have to use 10.7.3 in order for it to work. I downloaded Niresh's 10.7.3 v2 and burned it to a disk. When I boot it starts to load and then get stuck on something and freezes. The last 10 lines are as follows...


From path: "uuid", Waiting on IOProviderClassIOResourcesIOResourcesMatchboot-uuid-media

Got boot device = IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@180000/AppleACPIPCI/SATA@11/AppleAHCI/PR3@3/IOAHCIDevice@0/IOAHCSerialATAPI/IOSCSIPeripheralDeviceNub/IOSCSIPeripheralDeviceType05/IDVDServices/IODVDBlockStorageDriver/HP DVD Writer 1

BSD root: disk3s2, major 14, minor 9

HFS: Very Low Disk: feedblks: 0, dangerlimit: 109610

imageboot_setup_new: root image url is file:///BaseSystem.dmg

IOHDIXController: NOTE: administrator is creating non-ejectable disk image

KDIFileBackingStore::_handleStart: initial R/W vn_open returned 30

Imageboot_mount_image: root device 0xe00000d

USBF: 6. 58 AppleUSBOHCI[0xcc5f000]::CheckSleepCapability - controller will be unlocked across sleep

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