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Hi from a portuguese hackintosher!


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First of all congrats for the great site/community you've got here - a really fresh view on the hackintosh scene.  :)


I consider myself still as an amateur 'hackintosher', but I've done quite a few successful builds already. I'm more interested in hackintoshing notebooks since they're much harder to do and I certainly relinquish a good challenge.


My current hacks are described on my sig and I'm really happy with them right now, even if there's still a few unsolved issues on the Portege R830.


Keep up the good work guys!  

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Thanks guys... :)


When will a Toshiba section with EDP support be available? From my experience it's one of the most hackintoshable notebook brand out there - I've had already a great hackbook Toshiba Qosmio X800 and now the Portege that runs pretty great too (even wifi oob!).


I'm of course available to help out in whatever way I can. 

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