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D830 ML ram upgrade = no boot


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Having done RAM upgrades on several existing/running SL/L/ML installations, I can tell that they've always gone straight through, just as they would with Windows. Maybe your new modules are faulty, badly seated or of the wrong type. What did you put in? A RAM upgrade is normally completely transparent and without side effects.


Does your D830 show the full 4GB in the BIOS Ok?

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Yeah, that is what I was expecting...  I got some decent sticks (Crucial PC2 DDR2 CL5) so maybe I should check them on the Windows side next, Dell diagnostics passed them without error.  


Also: after rerunning EDP the restart was super slow again...  it doesn't seem to like to restart, shut down and power on is more reliable. it often goes to black screen or grey screen when I try Restart.   I think I may need a few more tweaks to get it to boot straight thru,

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