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Wired ethernet disconnected after waking up from sleep


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D630 NVidia

Mountain Lion 10.8.3


I have always had the problem with wired Ethernet consistently being disconnected after waking up from sleep.  It would only come back after reboot.  I know that others have also reported this.


Windows 7 installed on the same D630 (by replacing the boot drive) never has this problem.


Today I discovered that if, instead of connecting to my local network (D630 --> Ethernet switch --> Zyxel router --> DSL modem),  I connect the D630 directly to the DSL modem, the problem goes away.  The wired Ethernet connectivity consistently returns on wake up from sleep!


I will have to do some more experimentation to see if can isolate this further...

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After a series of test setups, the problem only occurs when the wired Ethernet adapter of the D630 is connected to a Gigabit switch.  When connected to a 100Mb switch, the wired Ethernet adapter reconnects reliably after waking from sleep.  I tested this with three different Gigabit switches and three different 100Mb switches.


Can anyone confirm these test results?

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I do have a BT module that, as a test, disabled in the BIOS and confirmed that it was not seen by OSX.

It did not change the wake-after-sleep behavior of the Ethernet adapter.


I'm not complaining about this at all.  I just could not figure out why some people with exactly the same hardware, BIOS settings, OS, etc.  were not seeing the same behavior. 


I assume that it is an issue with the hacked BCM5722D.kext Ethernet driver and wanted to pin down a way to reproduce the behavior.

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I had some issue with the same BCM5722D.kext.


Dell E5420, A05

SandyBridge i5 2520M
OSX 10.11.5


The Internet worked fine until I pushed a lot of traffic by transferring something big (1GB+) and then network stoped working completely. After a reboot it is working again, but if I push fast files over gigabit it will ineviatably crash over 1GB+.


After applying this kext to my clover I just pushed over 10GB without any issues, so I think this is a fix for me too.



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