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Kernel Panic on Optiplex 745 install


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Hi everyone.


I managed to receive a Optiplex 745 and I am trying to install OSX 10.7 on it but am running into problems.



I followed the normal procedure for creating a usb install disk with the proper bootpack files for the optiplex 745, but as its loading all the kexts and while loading in verbose mode, it kernel panics.



here is a image of the kernel panic.


It looks like I need to remove the AppleEFIRuntime and EFINVRAM kexts? maybe specific bootflags need to be used?


system specs;


Optiplex 745

8gb ddr2 ram

160gb hdd

radeon x1300

core 2 duo e6600








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I actually dont have anything installed on the hard drive


Before I used the multifail method but i since then wiped that clean and wanted to use this method instead as its more straight forward with the kexts.


Is there any bootflags i can use to try and not make it booth through arch=i386?


*EDIT* I managed to get it to the install screen by using arch=x86_64 but its not detecting my hard drive. I made sure it was set to Legacy since theres no true AHCI option in the bios.

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Sorry to double post


I got it installed successfully with ethernet but when i go to install edp and build the database it successfully does it but when i go to reboot it hangs at


Still waiting for root device


I been searching around here to find an answer but cant seem to find one

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Found out the problem. Didnt select waiting for root device fixes on edp lol. Oops.


I been working on trying to get my radeon x1300 working but so far its been proving to be quite a challenge.


I been searching around here and found that people have gotten it working on lion but im having trouble.



I was thinking about just getting a different card and i was thinking a geforce 8400gs low profile?

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So far, ATI Radeon Pro X1300 is only supported in SL. In Lion, you could get it partially supported through the FrameBuffer, but without full acceleration. It's totally unsupported in ML. I've posted guides for patching under SL. It's indeed better to change card.


If you're looking at low-profile replacement, then yes the nVidia 8400 GS is a suitable candidate. There are others too, much more recent. Have a look at my Vostro 200 guide (I've given details of a cheap low-profile nVidia card that works OOB: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2032-dell-vostro-200/) or do a search on the forum for low profile cards. I listed supported models here not that long ago, but there could be other posts too: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2381-optiplex-755-graphics-card-for-ml/?hl=%2Blow+%2Bprofile&do=findComment&comment=17918

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