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Install OSX on Lenovo Thinkpad X201s (and maybe x201)


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After replacing my D430 with the Samsung NP900x3c, I kinda missed having a little 12" machine to bring around - the X201s is exactly that - it's small, fast and is solid build.

Notice that this is for the x201s with 1440x900 display - this MIGHT work for the standard i5 with 1280x800 resolution also


First gen Core i7 2.0GHz
8GB DDR3 1600MHz memory
LCD resolution 1440x900




BIG thank you goes to Rampage Dev, Dinesh, Mario, Corey and redracer68 and everyone else who have contributed to this work - without your help this would not have been a success.


Installation method:

Standard myhack+EDP method



Installation notes:

  • Graphics will look fucked up during installation, but will be fine after EDP installation
  • Set display to VGA in BIOS, boot with a external screen connected to get cloned screen (expansion does not work)


  • After sleep USB wont work - a easy fix is to add a USB 3.0 ExpressCard with 2-3 ports - those work after sleep and increase USB performance, look here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/forum/101-usb/
  • Its been suggested to use "coolbook-fix" might lower temps. - but its not verified.. do your own tests :)
  • Wifi needs to be replaced look here for recommendations: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/forum/104-wifibluetooth/if your x201 has a webcam, then your wireless antenna is 2x2, otherwise is 3x3,  for 2x2,  get Dell 1510 half mini card for $7, you can flash it as Apple Card later on (not 3rd party card), if you have 3x3,  get "APPLE AirPort Extreme Atheros AR5BXB112 Dual-Band PCI-E" for $19.99 from eBay.  signal is better than Dell 1510 because since it uses 3 connectors.


Known issues:

  • Using VoodooHDA,  It cannot switch between internal speaker and external earphone automatically.  you need to go to System Preferences->Sound to select the device you want to use.

    Using patched AppleHDA, external MIC does not work when it plugs in. only internal MIC works. - see if this patched Applehda works for your model. You'll need to add HDAEnalber=Yes to boot.plist.

  • USB does not work after sleep - look above for a work-around/cheap fix




Latest changes:

  • Added Lenovo x201 to EDP as a seperate model based on Jakes DSDT.aml (not 100% ready)


Sooner or later i clean out in dead posts in this thread to keep the topic clean and mean - if your post got deleted dont take it personal - its just easier for everyone if we only keep the things that we need.



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Over the past two weeks I have nearly gone insane and I've also learned more than I expected.


Following parts of Felix Chan and Mnorthern's conversation on insanelymac, as well as a dozens of other places I've done the following to my DSDT.


First, I added the following operation region's just above _SB, this gives _WAK the proper things to reference for backlight.

OperationRegion (BRIT, SystemMemory, 0xF2048254, 0x04)
    Field (BRIT, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve)
        LEVL,   32

    OperationRegion (BRI2, SystemMemory, 0xF2048250, 0x04)
    Field (BRI2, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve)
        LEV2,   32

    OperationRegion (BRI3, SystemMemory, 0xF20C8250, 0x04)
    Field (BRI3, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve)
        LEVW,   32

    OperationRegion (BRI4, SystemMemory, 0xF20C8254, 0x04)
    Field (BRI4, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve)
        LEVX,   32

Then I removed and simplified the _WAK method. (There was a ton of stuff in there that wasn't needed and confused things.

This tells it to store certain values on sleep and then recall them on wake. (Referencing the above regions)

Method (_WAK, 1, NotSerialized)
        Store (0x80000000, LEVW)
        Store (0x061A061A, LEVX)
        Store (0x80000000, LEV2)
        Store (0x12FF, LEVL)
        Return (Package (0x02)

After these two edits specifically I was able to get wake working just fine.  (I really had to get this working to consider having OSX permanently on the x201)


I've done a ton of other edits simplifying the DSDT and clearing it up. (I completely removed most of the other vid devices such as PEG and all of the DVI's as they are not needed)


Attaching my DSDT as well.  Should be fully functional on all x201 models as far as I can tell.

Also added the device model so it shows as the correct one in system info.



Let me know what you think!


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This How-To is especially for those x201 where the standard installation fails. It seems that mainly the type 3680 of the x201 is affected. You will find the type on a sticker at the bottom of your x201.


If you have a 3680, putting the Framebuffer file AppleIntelHDGraphicsFB.kext into the E/E folder is probably not enough to get a bootable USB stick. Instead the following files can be used:


Unfortunately they have to be installed in the System/Library/Extensions folder, replacing the original files, and so things get a bit more complicated.


You need a running Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Can be on a real Mac, a Hackintosh, or a VMWare image.


1.) Install Mavericks Installer on USB stick

- Plug-in the USB stick (>= 8 GB), HFS formatted

- Download myHack from http://myhack.sojugarden.com

- Download Mavericks Installer from Apple Store

- Launch myHack, select function "Create OS X Installer", select "Create OS X 10.9 Install Disk", select "Scan my System" and let myHack do it's main work.

- Please do NOT patch the installer for MBR support. myHack 3.3.1 does not support that correctly.


2.) Install graphic card extensions

- Download x201_Mav_SLE, attached to this post.

- Open the folder System / Library / Extensions (S/L/E) of the USB stick in the Finder.

- Delete all files beginning with "AppleIntelHDGraphics". Should be 4 files.

- Copy the content of the downloaded ZIP file into the extensions folder. 5 files.

- Open "Terminal" application (see "Applications" / "Utilities"). Execute the following commands: 

: cd /Volumes/<your_stick_name>/System/Library/Extensions

: sudo chmod -R 755 AppleIntelHDGraphics*

: sudo chown -R root:wheel AppleIntelHDGraphics*

: sudo xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine AppleIntelHDGraphics* 

- close "Terminal" application


3.) Install "Extras" folder

- Download "x201_Mav_E", attached to this post.

- Launch myHack, and select "Install Extra".

- Select your stick as the target.

- Select "Use My Own", and select the previously downloaded "x201_Mav_E" folder.

- myHack copies the folder onto the usb stick, adjusts the ownerships and permissions and regenerates the caches.

- The USB stick should be ready now to install Mavericks on a x201.


4.) Boot the installer stick

- Plug the stick into any USB slot of the x201.

- Turn on the x201

- Immediately press "F12"

- In the boot menu select your stick.

- Booting from the stick might take a bit longer with periods of inactivity - be patient.


5.) Install Mavericks

- Follow the installation, format the hard drive if necessary.

- At the end, myHack will pop up and ask for the Extra folder.

- Select "Use My Own" and select the "Extra" folder of your USB stick.

- answer "Yes", "Yes", "No" for removing problematic extensions.


6.) Copy SLE-Extensions folder from stick

- Don't boot from your hard drive, boot from the stick again

- Select language, but then don't follow the installation

- Instead launch the Terminal application

- Enter:

: cd /Volumes/<your_Hard_Drive>/System/Library

: mv Extensions Extensions.orig

: cp -R /System/Library/Extensions .

: exit

- Run myHack with function "myFix", select your HDD and select "Full".

- Reboot your x201 by using the Apple menu

- The post-installation process should start, and at it's end you should see the desktop. 


Any comments are welcome!




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I have cleaned up in this topic - moved all the good posts into the main post - thank you everyone for your contributions.

One question - somebody mentioned a bios update v. 1.40 (we currently use 1.22) with whitelist and SLIC.

Also mentioned on this link: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/20223-Remove-whitelist-check-add-ID-s-to-break-hardware-restrictions-mod-requests/page293

However the file is no longer for download.. anyone got a copy ? (file: Lenovo ThinkPad X201_1.40-(6quj18us)_lenovo21_WList.rar)


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I found it from one China Computer Forum,  download locally and upload to


Lenovo ThinkPad X201_1.40-(6quj18us)_lenovo21_WList.rar


But readme says -- you need to flush original 6quj18us first,  so we need to remove any Whitelist Wireless and WWAN card in order to apply this one. So I did not try it by myself. 


The following lines come from the forum,  The download link is original Serg008 's post. but it is broken. The line beneath it says --  download locally from the forum. ([attach]1620478[/attach]),  after I register the forum,  I can download the file.

=====================The forum link====================



Slic 2.1 Lenovo + WList check patched:
Lenovo ThinkPad X201_1.40-(6quj18us)_lenovo21_WList.rar



By the way, what is the issue of current v1.22 bios with Mavericks (or Windows)  you found?

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I'm still gathering data for my Thinkpad X201 hack to 10.9. Question about the above thread. With regard to flashing the BIOS to allow non approved wifi cards (that are hackintosh compatible).


Is it is just the BIOS update in the first message here, or do you have to flash to the standard Lenovo 1.40 BIOS (without the wifi card installed) then flash again to this update that removes the white list?


I've seen information on other forums that suggest you have to do the original then the fix. But here there is only one BIOS update file. Looks like I can get the Lenovo 1.4 from their site. Not sure about whether you have to remove the wifi card first or not?


And then once done, I can build the standard MyHack installer with the EDP (knowing full well I made need to tweek it) from the site as long as I've installed an approved wifi card.




Any help is greatly appreciated.

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