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D820 Graphics (NVS 110M) question


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My first Hackintosh was a D630 with Intel graphics from $WORK. I love that box, but was disappointed by any attempts to run games on the system. This I blamed on the x3100 graphics.


Recently, I installed SL on a spare D820 with the nVidia NVS 110M chip to see how it would fare. According to Xbench, it is much faster in both OpenGL and UI areas, but my first attempts at gaming have been almost as bad as the X3100.


So, I was wondering... how good is the NVS 110M as a graphics chip? Is there something else that might be going on?




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You should bear 2 things in mind:

  • Quadro NVS chips are not for gaming; they were offered for business laptops that needed more advanced graphics than what Intel's built in GMA950/X3100 of the time could offered
  • The NVS 110M is getting really old now (we're talking 7 to 8yrs old here) and is based on the GeForce Go 7300.



These chips won't really be any good for gaming in general and certainly not for recent games...

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