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Startup Brightness Fix

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I have install BrightnessFix on Yosemite 10.10.5 on ASUS V551LA Laptop, but from the boot logo and after, the brightness lowers and never comes back to maximum. When i run BrightnessFix from the terminal it outputs read operation failed, although i reinstalled it with only -b on plist file.


I connect a second screen by HDMI and the brightness is great, the problem is only on the laptop screen.


I have installed Brightness Slider App, but the max of the slider is the low brightness it already has.


I have the Clover boot loader, maybe change some other settings to make it work?

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it's in clover configurator app at least the newer one; hidden somewhere, i am not on a mac right now. its either has panel or has backlight something to that effect.

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Hey..somehow i fixed it..


As far as i can remember the steps i took was..Enable again CSM on BIOS, which used to destroy the Resolution and added to the config.plist on EFI, Devices-> SetIntelBacklight=>true and System Parameters -> BacklightLevel=>1.0.


For the video Card i have set

IntelGFX => 0x04128086 and ig-platform-id=>0x0a260006 which used to work and recognize the Intel HD4400 1536MB graphics card, but not anymore. 


For this i had to set the resolution of the screen manually for the configurator at 1366x768.


During boot i used -v to show up some debugging notes and i noticed that ACPIBacklight and IntelBacklight reported as not found, i don't really worry for that as my brightness has come up again, though i can not control it somehow (have installed shades and brightness slider, nothing works but don't care).


Now i have to fix the audio, remains a problem, and the video to work again...any ideas? Am i missing any kexts?

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Hi guys,


I did the install and on boot I can see the brightness fading, alright... But after this, at last, last moment, something happens and back the brightness to max (as default). I supose that maybe is something in launchd that is running after the brightness? Any ideas to solve this? :(



DELL Latitude E5250 12.5"

Intel Core I7 5600U


Wifi DW1560

SSD Samsung 850 EVO 500GB

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