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unable to set sata operation to AHCI on d820


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If you used myHack3.2, there's an issue booting in 32bit mode. You can either make a new installer with myHack3.1.2 or try and boot the existing one with option: arch=x86_64. After installation is done, you'd have to do the same thing until you update to Chameleon v2248 or later.


Please read Announcements&News + EDP Bugs section, the issue is well detailed there. It's obviously not visible enough since people keep asking this same thing on and on...

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The D820 pack worked for me and I have a functional system now.


- audio/wifi is not working.

- display is 1024x768. It should be 1280x800.


I know I will have to change the wifi card to a supported card. I will read the forums over the weekend to get the audio/display working



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