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10.6.7 Q for Elites


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Hola Elites!

It looks like release will be anytime soon. Also, I believe I saw Leon (and maybe someone else) mentioning ongoing tests and preparations for 10.6.7 in some of the threads.

What are your experiences so far? Is it a minor release kernel and kext wise, or will there be a major change of EDP for this?

Easy or rough ride? :)



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so far on 10.6.7 I have not noticed any major changes or major benefits from it but it does "feel" snappier then 10.6.6.. they have not changed the kernel (yet) so if it stays that way then we will be in the clear, EDP at 1.6 will function as normal...

as for Lion, we are still having "technical difficulties" ...

one is the bootloader's are in beta so there is no Extra directory support on the one that we tested on and the kexts have to be loaded in S/L/E. Another one is affecting certain wireless cards. even rebranded cards are not functioning even though you see them in IOreg. also not that many third party apps function correctly yet either. First day it works then when you least expect it BAM, it just errors out and thats it just won't work again. you can install it 100 times... nada. No battery icon yet, and no thermal control so cpu's run very hot 75*c so we are limited to the amount of time to work on it.

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