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What to do? Install SL DVD 10.6.3 Retail from Apple Store


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Hy, sorry if this post is in the bad place, but i didn't found something like my problem! I explain:

After making succefull instal of Mac Os X, i've crashed it out, " forgot to put pass word over system/BIOS ", then he went to sleep, i had big trouble to wake him up,,but, what ever,,

to make this instal, ive used garbage, old garbage " SLV1.iso ",, that i though good for my Dell D620,,second, i didn't setup correctly my BIOS, even so,, i was able to install and run Mac without single KP,,

Now, after setup correctly my bios, with pass word, to avoid KP when he sleep's,,,i've also made another new boot CD with NawcomModCD,,i've burn it and :( :( :( ,,,no possible boot from DVD Retail?

How in teh hell,,is this possible?

sorry, but i just don't now what more can i do!

Question, when i boot ModCD,, just before charge the screen with boot options, he give's me one error " error parsing plist file",, is my copie corrutp? do i have to do another?


Another question, cause this Os is new for me,, " do i have to update my bios before all this process? or can i do it after? is this the cause of KP?

This was the screen that he gave's me booting Mac DVD with

" mach_kernel-v",

cause all the athers stop before, with KP,,

Some propositions?

Held will be welcome,,

i think that if i don't this in 2 days i'm gonna kill myself,,


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:huh:  -_-  <_>


1) make sure you have the latest copy of ModCD -> http://nawcom.com/osx86/ModCD/

2) make sure you have a proper Retail SL 10.6.0/10.6.3/10.6.8 DVD (if you don't it's not difficult to get an image, but you'll have to restore it, either to a USB key or a DVD)


Boot ModCD, swap disc, press F5. That's it, I've just done it on my D620 GMA950 LoRes and I get to the Snow Leopard installer without any problem. That is without any option and with default legacy kernel.


Again, yes, update your BIOS to the latest version and configure it as per recommended settings, that'll put your system in the best possible configuration to support OS X and get support from this place.

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i have done all that you said,,pdate BIOS To A10 i had A08,,i've correctly setup and verify 3 times, just to be sure of, i've download the good file nawcomModCD, i've made 3 diferent copies, on different drives, only to be sure i got one good copy,,after everything set,,i start,, i put may BootCD,( it takes time to charge, but charge, evn with errors), i've changed BootCd for DVD Mac Os X, and boot without otions,,in fact i've tryed also others,,but no success,,no possible to see Mac Aplle on screen,,is strange, but that's what hapen to me,,

finally, i get my SLV1.iso and i boot it,,i was able to boot Mac easy ( no erreurs, no KP ),,i've install Mac Os X, successfull,,

2step  I have use Disk utility to make restore image of Mac Os X on USB DISK, ( i used because, samo how, My Hack (3.1.2 ) is taking hours to install Mac Os X,,and bugs a lot, so i did restore on Disk utility,,once made,,i've run My hack, then i run all the steps with the exception of install Os,,iv'e run install chameleon, extra, delete problematic extensions, my hack utilitys and my fix,,he finnish, i reboot from USB ;) ;) ;)

aparently, got graphics ( GMA950) , cpu, pci, memory, etc, etc,, running like a sharme,,,got no sound, easy to fix,,,well,,i just post cause i wasn't able to install following your mathode,,but i get it done,,,got tu run EDP, download combo and chameleon wizard to fix litle things,,

about the error that NawcomMod CD he give's me all the time, and i didn't add extra files to my Retail DVD,,,i didn't change nothing,,,strange,, very strange,, but,, ,,,thanks once more,,help is need it for the final step,,,peace,,

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