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D430 mic problem


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Hi I am quite happy with d430 which I bought a months ago


The only thing that cannot get right and I tried different vooodo hda is when I use skype I get a lot of interference when talking like a whistling sound to

be more exact it sound like a cappucino maker the sound of the steam when you want to froth milk up.


If I use voodohda from edp it is very bad because I cannot change volume from voodoo pref pane ,with Slices one it is a bit better but I have to turn down recording level in pref pane but still back ground noise,,,,,


A shame really laptop is cool but if sound is no good is not worth having mac on it.


something very similar happend to me a few years ago with an Amilo laptop 8210 with leo on it.


Perfect except sound in the end I had to sell it.......


I was playing the other day with tortuga hda patcher for Leo.


I managed to patch Snow leopard hda but no joy on -v boot you could see all error messg about not loading Applehda


Any suggestion for the mic?????? :(

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I know it's not what you are looking for, but anyways:

I am also an D430 owner. Mic performance never really impressed me. And a lack of a embedded cam annoyed me. Hence, I spent a few bucks for a decent cam (Logitech QickCam VisionPro for Mac). It works out of the box, you have a HD picture and a very good sound for your Skype sessions. If you search a bit you'll find a lot lover price for this cam, no doubt.


Just a suggestion.

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Thanks maybe a better solution would be a usb sound card for mac at least for mic input I actually have one which worked in leo I ll give it a try.


I noticed that mic input does not work on d430 when i plug in a mic in still sound comes from embedded mic....

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