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Dell D630 Shutdown/Restart Issue


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I have


Dell D630 - A15 - Nvidia Laptop


Installed OSX 10.6.3 using Leppy Method

Installed EDP 1.8

Updated Extra Folder with Extra folder from this site.


I have working


Both Cores

Wifi - Replaced with Dell 1395 Broadcom




Everything works except the shutdown/restart part


I have tried to rebuild the extra folder, replaced the openhaltrestart.kext repaired permissions.


Everything that is possible i have done. I have also installed poweroff_bug_fix.pkg


my yahoo -- edited by mod: please dont post your mail public ;) --


Please assist.



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Strange.. it works on my D630-nvidia (one that i'm testing on these days)


You are running 10.6.7 now.. right ?


Yes i have updated, just found a dsdt.aml from insanelymac that fixed it.


I have attached the file here, i rebuilded the kext and woohoo i am in business.


thank you for all the support


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disable usb wake

Haha! I had that problem on my D520 with Leopard. When "Wake from USB" was enabled in BIOS, Shutdown/Restart would not work in OS X. I think "TheGreatDeceiver" over at Insanelymac helped me figure that one out.

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I must say that custom DSDT file fixed my D630 shutdown issues w/A17 BIOS!!. Now everything seems to be working just fine here. I also installed EDP package and that too worked out great. Thanks a lot. This forum is a great resource for users with Dell latitudes.

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