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OS X 10.9 - Dell Precision M6400 - myHack 3.3 (w.i.p.)


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Looks like today I'm lucky..

I'm using osX 10.9 on my M6400

Intel Qx9300 - nVidia quadro FX 3700m - IDT audio


First of all I used MyHack solution 3.3 + the mbr patch for mavericks (still unsupported in myhack whilewrithing)

I also put in extra my DSDT from a previous 10.6.8 osx install

booted with graphicenablers=no and good old npci=0×2000 (truth is i modified org.chaemeleon.boot.plist with chameleon wizard and also set graphics mode to 1920x1200x32)

I had to remove all NVDA kext from extesions folder to make it bot as was hanging on a black screen suddenly.


I installed and the pc booted completely..

now I'm tryin' to fix other stuff 



Checking now but almost everything to just use it

keyboard and touchpad

WiFi (but I have a Atheros board that worked out-of-the-box)

audio (just used old Applehda and hdaenabler for IDT audio from SL)


not working

Audio (I'll try with patched Applehda and hdaenabler for IDT audio)

full Graphic Acceleration (I dont know why.. the system detect it correctly both using DSDT or graphic enabler and everithing looks like is there but there are glitches in chess and topbar is not translucent)


I'll make this first post better when I'll have more results

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