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D630c - After EDP, network/internet not reachable


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My Latittude D630C has been running perfectly - I installed the Intel82566MM.kext and rebuilt the configuration - my Ethernet port started working perfectly.  I then ran EDP and did a model build using the Dell Latitude D630 with NVidia (laptop) from the database.  It installed the BCM kext which I then deleted, reinstalled the Intel and rebuilt the configuration.  Everything else is great - working like a dream.  However, I cannot reach the internet.  When I go into Safari and run the network diagnostics, there is a green light next to the Ethernet heading.  One the Network Settings however, there is an orange light and of course everything else is red.  I have tried manually entering the network settings (IP address, subnet, etc.) - I have access to my router configuration so I can check it there.  I see the ethernet port live on the router (and all other equipment attached to that router is working perfectly), however, the network configuration never goes from orange to green and I am unable to see the internet.  I have restarted all routers, cable internet hardware as the network diagnostic says, but nothing works.  Seeing as this started happening after I ran the EDP install, I'm thinking there is something in there that might have changed a configuration option that I am not seeing.


Anyone have any ideas on this???




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There is a bit of difference between D630 and D630C; I would imagine a different DSDT due to the different chipset components.  D630C indeed has an Intel ethernet chip, according to Dell's information, and not a Broadcom chip.


EDP keeps backup copies of replaced /Extra in /ExtraBackups; you should be able to use myHack to reinstall your previous /Extra from the backup copy.


The model data includes DSDT and SMBIOS files specific for each model, and this is what likely broke your ethernet.


You'll need a D630C DSDT, not a D630 DSDT.

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Contents are:

















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