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Manually Controlling the Cooling fan of a Dell laptop or Pc


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i checked for a similar thread as i this one i have created and found none but to be Very Useful for the Users of Dell Laptops !.,


Cooling is a Major issue with them myself being a Engineer on Hardware and software Even a novice know's Keeping Gpu's & Cpu's And the Northbridge etc cooler is Better for the lifespan of your Device ..


Many dell user's must of heard of a  Application called i8kfangui Link :: http://www.diefer.de/i8kfan/ .Freeware software Developed ages ago and being  a Electronics engineer who mainly work on Dell Equipment has Found this Application a Lifesaver Especially for the Laptop's with High End gpu's etc .I Also Tested this on many Dell pc's And it Worked also .The Issue is it's a Window's App so This Will Need a Dual Booting machine to Enable the Trick in to Running the Fan Full Speed Running Your Mac on Dell Laptop or Pc ..


The Main issue is with 64bit Windows users .For it To Install And Run You Need to Disable Driver signature management which can be done on windows 7 before booting pressing f8 to Enter Menu Select Disable Signature Management boot up And Install it & For Windows 8.0 And 8.1 User's Slightly Different,


for Windows 8.0 You will need to go to Settings and select General From There Select Advanced Settings! ,,,Trouble Shoot ...then it will Give you a list of Options which will appear when you Reboot So Make Sure You Click 7 to Disable Driver Enforcement to Install I8kfan ,,Ok Once Done Get used to doing this Procedure As it will be part of Booting up your Hackintosh Full Speed Fans when the Tutorial is over ,,For windows 8.1 its Slightly Different .You Click settings and select Recovery and update then Troubleshoot Same As 8.0 .... Once You Accomplish This theres another issue which is When you reboot most likely the Speed of the fan will go back to normal as the Thermal Controller is Preset By Dell to Run At Specific Level's Which They Consider Safe! I Will show you How to Bypass that Also So once You Do so and you Reboot the Laptop or pc the Fans will Stay Full throttle Keeping things cool as can be :)


There's  a Hidden Menu on dell Pc's & Laptops Which Is Required Access to Disable thermal Control and Run it Full Speed Here's How its Done ::


Hold Shift+Fn down, press 1 5 3 2 4 in sequence, while holding the Shift and Fn down all the time. Release. The PC is now in a mode that can receive key combinations it could not handle before, indicated by the capslock light blinking on and off.

Now press Fn+ r (or Fn + R, no difference)


The picture i posted shall appear once Fn + R is Pressed upon doing the Shift + Fn 15324 .Look Closely And Disable how it is in the pic i Posted the Press Enter to Exit ...Note This must be Done in windows Before Booting in to Mac so the Fans run Full speed till you Shut down the Machine ...

Some of the fields here are for information only, some can be changed. Use the up/down arrows to navigate between the fields, the left/right arrows to change values. In the picture above I have just disabled BIOS thermal control. Press Enter to leave this screen Disabling-Driver-Signature-Enforcement-In-Windows-8.png




So the trick is to boot up in windows with disable driver disabled following my steps run i8kfangui then enter the Menu i showed you Disable throttle restart the pc via windows boot in to mac with full speed fans ...Since i have Been Doing this on my Dell d830 Laptop i have Seen a Temp Drop of nearly 20C the Gpu also is Running Cooler but I Maintain The Machine also by Stripping it Every 6 Months Etc Clean the Fans Fresh Paste Reseat it Check the Gpu etc .Apart from that Rock Solid Machine ... I Hope This will Be of interest to many users and Highly Recommend to Serious Users . 


I Will be Working on a Modified Cooling Fan which will push out more air with less Noise Checking in to it And when i Do Complete it i will Gladly make another Post and show it Step by Step to Everyone who wishes to Get the most out of there Machines and Prolongs its Life  span ... Im Currently Running Maverick Perfectly Nothing else to Say :)


And Glad to Be part of this Wonderful Community ...Sharing is Caring :)




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