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Dell Latitude D620 Thread


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What do we need toinstall MAC OSX on Dell Latitude D620 (With INTEL GMA 950):

  1. Download imageSLD430USB.img.bz2, unpack it and burn it on flash driver >8gb. Viamac/linux/windows method described here: http://www.osxlatitu..._Latitudes.html
  2. Install MACOSX via this flashdrive
    • you need to repartition you HDD in GUID partitiontable via Disk Utility
    • install Mac OSX on Disk 1
    • after installation, when restart will be necessary,use your usb stick to launch mac from Disk 1
  3. After installation, when you will see your desktop, download and install thisbootloader http://forum.osxlati...n-v20-rc5-r665/
  4. After that, download and install this: http://forum.osxlati...ate-5-released/
  5. by following this guide:


1. Download and copy over Extra.zip to /
2. Rename or remove your old Extra (if it exists) folder
3. Unzip Extra.zip to /Extra
4. Open terminal and do:

sudo su [enter]
cd /Extra

5. Choose to do a new build matching your model and then select Applemouse, Audio(Y),Lan(Y), powerpack(N))
6. Reboot

Now it should boot byitself and you will be able to update 10.6 >> 10.6.6

Additional this guide to have sleepmode enabled: http://www.osxlatitu...e_with_OSX.html



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You think i'm a geek with 100 os's installed?) But anyway i have ubuntu machine.


but i'm new here so this


Almost thesame like in OSX if You use linux You know how to do that ;)

umount <usb-drive>

dd if=<image file> of=<usb drive> bs=4096


is something i don't understand. Can i just plug in this usb stick and only last 2 commands?

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I don't get it,


root@d620-laptop:/home/vorob# df -h

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/sda1 21G 12G 7.6G 61% /

none 998M 348K 998M 1% /dev

none 1003M 200K 1002M 1% /dev/shm

none 1003M 96K 1002M 1% /var/run

none 1003M 0 1003M 0% /var/lock

none 1003M 0 1003M 0% /lib/init/rw

/dev/sdc1 15G 87M 15G 1% /media/502EF5AC2EF58AEC

/dev/sdb1 7.5G 6.3G 1.3G 83% /media/Mac OS X Install USB Stick



so my flash with OSX is /dev/sdb1


And file SLD430USB.img is situated here /home/vorob


So how this line shoud look like?

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