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iMac4,1 T2400 (Yonah) ATI_X1600\

iMac4,2 T2400 (Yonah) GMA950\

iMac5,1 T7200 (Merom) ATI_X1600\

iMac5,2 T5600 (Merom) GMA950\

iMac6,1 T7400 (Merom) nVidia_7300(7600)GT_bus_MXM (!!!)\

iMac7,1 T7300 (Merom) ATI_HD2400XT_(2600Pro)\

iMac8,1 E8135,E8335 (Penryn) ATI_HD2600 Pro\

iMac8,1 E8235,E8435 (Penryn) nVidia_8800GS\

iMac9,1 E8135-E8435 (Penryn) nVidia_9400M, nVidia_GT130, ATI_HD4850\



Macmini1,1 CoreSolo (Yonah) GMA950\

Macmini2,1 Core2Duo (Merom) GMA950\

MacMini3,1 P7350,P8400 (Penryn) nVidia_9400M\


MacPro1,1 Xeon5100 (Woodcrest) nVidia_8800GT, Quadro_FX4500, ATI_X1900XT\

MacPro2,1 Xeon5300 (Clovertown) nVidia_8800GT, Quadro_FX4500, ATI_X1900XT\

MacPro3,1 Xeon5400 (Harpertown) nVidia_Quadro FX5600, ATI_HD2600XT\

MacPro4,1 Xeon3500 (BloomField) nVidia_GT120\

MacPro4,1 Xeon5500 (Gainestown) ATI_HD4870\


MacBook1,1 T2500 (Yonah) GMA950\

MacBook2,1 T5600,T7200 (Merom) GMA950\

MacBook3,1 T7500 (Merom) GMAX3100\

MacBook4,1 T8100,T8300 (Penryn) GMAX3100\

MacBook5,1 P7350, P8600 (Penryn) nVidia_9400M-(shared memory!!!)\

MacBook5,2 P7350 (Penryn) nVidia_9400M\


MacBookAir1,1 P7500,P7700 (Merom) GMAX3100\

MacBookAir2,1 L9300,L9400 (Penryn) nVidia_9400M\


MacBookPro1,1 T2400,T2500 (Yonah) Mobility_Radeon_X1600\

MacBookPro1,2 T2600 (Yonah) Mobility_Radeon_X1600\

MacBookPro2,2 T7400 (Merom) Mobility_Radeon_X1600\

MacBookPro3,1 T7700 (Merom) nVidia_8600M_GT\

MacBookPro4,1 T8300,T9300,T9500 (Penryn) nVidia_8600M GT\

MacBookPro5,1 P8600,T9400,T9600 (Penryn) nVidia_9600M\

MacBookPro5,2 T9550,T9800 (Penryn) nVidia_9600M\


Xserve1,1 Xeon5100 (Woodcrest) ATI_X1300\

Xserve2,1 Xeon5400 (Woodcrest) ATI_X1300\

Xserve3,1 Xeon5500 (Gainestown) nVidia_GT120

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