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HP Compaq DC7700 SFF


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I would like to install SL on thi little beast.



1.8GHz Intel Pentium E2160

Intel q965/q963 express chipset

1Gb DDR2-667 DIMM

Intel 82566DM Gigabit Network Connection

Intel HD Audio

DVD-burner (SATA)



I'll get 4Gb of ram in mid May, about 15.5 but I want OS X now. I have a little problem. My MyHack installer with default Extra doesn't boot without kernelpanic. I used these boot flags: arch=i386 -s -f -v . I've even tried Nawcom&Co legacy kernel for 10.6.3... Even iFailS3 disk doesn't boot. I'm not going to install with iFail...



Someone help me!



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That LAN card will be supported with the associated Intel kexts. You'll find it in my Vostro200 bootpack or with a Google search.


Your installation issues may come from that old low-spec Pentium CPU; I'm not sure it's actually supported by vanilla kernels, even though dual core. Why don't you replace it with a Core2Duo instead? You'll easily find a cheap FSB800/1066 LGA775 C2D E6xxx/E7xxxx on the net...

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