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Core Duo vs Core 2 Duo


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Until you get a better CPU, then you can use Lion Dev. Preview 4.


If i remember corectly, then DP4 had 32bit compiled finder...


will a core 2 duo go on this motherboard you think?




gonna try for a T7200 on ebay!

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edp 2.1 has a fix for gma950 darkness on lion


yea, I applied the AppleIntegrated framebuffer text that Leon had posted


2.1 - I had a hard time getting the track-pad to work correctly, I think I ended up using #3 or #4

also the sound was terrible with video streaming - sound was breaking up and crackling - I went back to EDP 9.1


EDIT: I went back again to 2.1, this time changing the audio settings in Audio MIDI Settings to 44.1 Khz and 16 bit audio - runs and sounds great, sleep works great, mouse is weird at times, but that's normal for my setup

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