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HP Probook 4720s with myHack


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Hey all!


I want to use Myhack but I cant get the installer to boot with Myhack.


I cant even give you an lspci output, even after installing the program and restarting...


so I'll say it again.. I want to install it with Myhack! :) please help me on the how...


I'm working on reviving my HP Probook 4720s into a hackintosh... though its not on the list of the guides for probook installs I believe it is very similar and will work.. plus there is a picture of my exact computer running OSX :)RJ0Kr.png

that pic is from this guide on getting arrandale processors to work with Intel HD graphics but I plan to use the Radeon graphics built in...


Here is one the guides I'm going off of...

[GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI


According to a guide I found, I created a usb installer on a Master Boot Record Partition... not sure why but thats what it called for....I believe myhack was GUI? I could be wrong but perhaps this could be a reason why the Myhack installer will not boot...


In addition to creating the installer I placed a mini ssdt in the extra folder to accommodate my 1600x900 resolution display as it instructs to do in the guide...


It worked enough to get OSX installed, then stuff starts to suck such as not being able to run lspci -nn command right out of the gate as you can with the sexy myhack install...


So i tried to install with myhack and it hangs up and never makes it through..


then i tried to add the mini ssdt to the extra folder in my myhack installer usb and still no luck installing...


Do you guys have any idea how I would go about creating a myhack installer that would work on this machine?


I would imagine Myhack can work on this  :)


My specs as far as I can tell you are...


Hp probook 4720s

8gb RAM

i7 processor

ATI Radeon Graphics, (not sure exactly what card  it is yet cause I cant pull up the info...lol)


I'll give further specs once I can get a proper lspci output.


Thanks everyone!!

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Thank you, I am going to give that a shot tonight...


2 nights ago I made a MyHack installation USB with the MBR Patch.


The result was a freeze at "Still waiting for root device"


What does that typically mean?




Would you mind explaining what cpus=1 does?


Also do you feel the mini-ssdt-DualLink.aml is necessary? 


One of the HP Probook guides suggests it if your screen is 1600x900 native resolution.



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You need to set your BIOS for Sata Operations to AHCI to fix the error " still waiting..."

Most HP system has local apic KP, with cpus=1 flag, it'll get you pass it. KernelPatcher.dylib should fix that issue.

DualLink is needed if you have display resolution higher than 1366x768.

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ACHI is enabled in my BIOS.


I copied mini-ssdt-dualink.aml in to the extra folder on my USB install and renamed it ssdt.aml


Within the /extra directory I created a folder and named it "modules" /extra/modules, next i copied over kernelpatcher.dylib


Reboot and still nothing.


I've tried cpus=1 aswell as USBBusFix=yes and still no luck.


im not sure what USBBusFix=yes does but i read somewhere to try it so i did.


I'm still stuck at "Still waiting on root device"


What else could I do to boot this MBR Myhack Installer?


Thanks!  :-P

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Ok so I googled MBR patch and came across this page for the 10.9.4 MBR Patch 


I downloaded the patch and followed the directions by using this command in terminal.


sudo tar xvf ~/Downloads/Mavericks_10.9.4_MBR_Patch.tar -C /Volumes/"installer volume name"


cool, now I have a my hack install with the MBR patch...


but it still isn't booting...


you may need to zoom into read this.


AppleUSBEHCI::Found a transaction past the completion deadline on bus 0x1d,timing out! (Addr:4, EP:1)


in addition to some other information below it...


what does it all mean?


I am determined to make this work! 



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