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E6410 not booting after resolution change in1440x900


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I have changed the resolution via chameleon wizard in my e6410 , before was 1280x800 and i changed into 1440x900 as it is on windows , but now the screen flush back and restart the system ... So no boot .... Can some one help me in this regard,

I have pressed the down key but there is no any advance boot option , how can i go with advance boot kindly let me know ... Or any other way to change the resolution.

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If all you changed in your boot plist resolution, then the manual boot option would have overwritten your change and I don't see why you would not boot any more. There's obviously something else you did.


Try safe mode to undo your change then.

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( -v )I could not read it, it just stop n restart system after flash of apple logo ...


Computer ACPIx86-based pc

Intel Hd graphics and (Nvidia 3100 -win device manager not showing)

Intel core i7 620M , intel R 5 series / 3400 series

Osx 10.9.4

Chameleon 2.2

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At last i succeeded to boot the osx... BUT..... BUT...


1   Removed hdd from caddy used sata cable

2   used vmware osx ,

3   run the my fix full via MyHack

4   added new extra( downloaded from this forum) New colorful screen apeared instead of HDD a pervious one. 

5   run the remove apps cant boot ( i don't remember what was the sentance in MyHack)




6 after boot screen flashes and three parallel faded apple logs was seen ,


7 again i boot the system -x it works well ,,,,, but please advise what to do next i am afraid that if i boot normally again , i might face the problem #6 .. 


Please advise ....


One last this i don't know how i got the fixed imsg, facetime and app store .. which was not running before.

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