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[Solved!!!] Blank Screen After Installing AppleFBCapri Kext [Mavericks]


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Daniel, you can avoid reinstallation very easy.


Either boot through a bootable OS X USB and use the terminal before the installation procedure (dont have go go further after), or boot in to single user mode with -s


On single user mode, you need to mount the main partition, which is described to you how to do it in the entrance of the single user session. After that, navigate to the kext folder:

cd /System/Library/Extensions

To find out the name of the kext, type this (assuming you are in /S/L/E):

ls | grep Capri

this commands lists all files, however, it filters only the files with the Capri name.


After you have the file name, the easiest command should be to delete it (again, assuming you did not leave the /S/L/E path):

rm NameOfTheFBCapri.kext

after that reboot with:


PS, you may also wanna share you Device and your Bootloader?

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You mean the Yosemite Guide? You probably installed both patched IntelCaprFB or the wrong one. For your system, you should select AppleIntelFramebufferCapri_03 and rename it to AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext. Delete AppleIntelFramebufferCapri_04. Then install everything in SLE to /System/Library/Extensions with kextwizard. The DSDT is patched for 03 as well.




Nevermind, your 1st post saids Mavericks, so you probably meant the Mavericks guide.

You don't need to replace the FB in the attached /Extra since your resolution is 1366x768. Only replace it if it's higher!

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I'm assuming you're installing Mavericks with myHack method. I'm also assuming you have already installed Mavericks but now having graphics issue.


From another working OS X, download just the /Extra folder. Launch myHack and select install Extra. Select "Use my Own" and point to this Extra folder, destination should be the USB Installer.


Now boot with the USB Installer on the E6230. Select myHack, and Install Extra. Select "Use my Own" again and this time point it to the E6230 drive. 


Oh, don't forget to replace the DSDT with the one in the Updated page. Remember to rename it to DSDT.aml. This allows sleeping/wake with LID close/open.

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