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D430 Lion - not resuming after sleep


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Hi there,


Installed Lion 10.7 retail on my D430 with myhack and the extra-pack found here on the forum. It installed flawless, all things are working, me happy :) Updated to 10.7.5, all was working well.


Then I followed this tutorial. After doing this (and enabling the bios pass), the computer fully boots,and after the login screen of os x it displays the image below. How can I resolve this? 


Thank you!



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For  Sleep & Wake to work on the D430, you need:

  1. System password set in BIOS
  2. No use of SleepEnabler or NullCPUPowerManagement kext (to be removed from /E/E or /S/L/E if found there)
  3. PStates + CStates generation enabled in the Chameleon boot plist
  4. Hibernation configured for good old sleep to RAM (use Terminal command sudo pmset hibernatemode 0)
  5. No sleepimage file in /var/vm (if file exists, delete it with Terminal command sudo rm -f /var/vm/sleepimage)


Check your current (and future) hibernation mode with Terminal command sudo pmset -g.


Did you read these pinned threads?



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Yes, i too was facing difficulty with with sleep/wake on my D430 with Lion 10.7.5. I followed the steps above which Herve suggested and now my sleep and wake works fully with no hiccups.  Im using my D430 now typing this and I owe it all to Herve for taking the time out to help me.  

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