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Dell Inspiron 1520 with x3100 and Mountain Lion 10.8.0 and 10.8.2


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i have been trying to install various versions of Mountain Lion on this laptop to experiment with MAC OSX.


I am a total newbie at this.


Usually stops at ACPI System State S0 S3 S4 S5.


Tried boot flags -x -f -s -v with no joy.


Myhack goes further but then stops at 19 minutes to go and there it stays forever


I have replaced the ACPIPlatform.kext and the IOATAFamily.kext from posts on this site to help D630 users without any success.


I have successfully installed all these versions on various desktops also with 965 Chipset without any major install issues so am happy with the integrity of these various installers.  


Having read that D630/D830 with integrated GMA X3100 work with M Lion so hoping this will work too.


Is this a correct assumption?




Dell Inspiron T5250 cpu

Onboard Intel Graphics GMA X3100

4Gb DDR2 Ram

128 GB Crucial SSD

Broadcom 94311 Wireless card


Thanks for any advice.


i need a 14" laptop to also experiment with mac osx but have no spare dosh.

is it worth getting hold of a s/h Dell D630 with onboard graphics ( cannot afford the Nvidia models ) to play with?



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thanks for the reply, but i was under the impression that the dell d630/d830 range of laptops have been tweaked to run mountain lion with x3100.


I was hoping that the kexts would work with the dell 1520.


Am i right to assume this?


Thanks again for the reply

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MLPF hack only applies if you can 1st successfully install and run vanilla 64bit ML, without graphics acceleration of course. You need to get that essential part working before you can envisage running ML in 32bit mode with MLPF.


With an Intel 965GM chipset, I would not have expected you to need the patched IOATAFamily kext on the 1520, only the AppleACPIPlatform kext from 10.6.7/10.6.8. That's a prerequisite to running ML on these machines. For the rest, the usual D630/D830 X3100 kexts should suffice:

FakeSMC, VoodooHDA, VoodooBattery, PS2 controller, AppleRTC, etc.


I recommend to stick to myHack as that'll give you more control thereafter.

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Thanks for all the replies.


I have finally managed to install Mountain Lion onto this laptop using MyHack and the High Resolution Bootpack for the Dell D630  X3100.

Managed to update to 10.8.3 despite error message saying update failed.

Mouse and Trackpad working along with Broadcam 4311 wireless

Sound, ethernet not working at the present and graphics stuck at 1024x768 i.

I am hoping over the weekend to sort these out with the instructions here 



Thanks again for all replies

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