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Fn HotKey driver for Lenovo Notebooks

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Hello, although it may be unreasonable, do you mind share part of the source code? Tthe driver is written three years ago and might not interfere with SmartTrackpad. Your driver is awesome but was limited to few models. The newer ideapads still use the same WMI controlled battery conservation mode and fan control. I want to write something similar to AsusSMC (https://github.com/hieplpvip/AsusSMC). However, there's insufficient data about that.

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Hi all...im have a Lenovo ThinkPad E470, and almost everething is fine, working very awesome with @Jake Lo help me !!!

In my case, im have a keyboard layout that not work the keys "?" and "/". My Layout is "Brazilian - ABNT2" .

Its important to me use this keys, and im wish know if was someway to get a copy/clone layout from windows, or something to get this keys working.

Another keys not so important, and Jake gave me a great help with most importants keys,  but if someone could help me, im appreciated that!!



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Try the tools/layouts specified in the Keyboard Layout-related threads in the Keyboard section of the forum.

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