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Fn HotKey driver for Lenovo Notebooks

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Hi Great Job !

I finally found something that addresses my issue with Lenovo Ideapad Z500 's Fn Keys .

but when I patch my DSDT  it  doesn't compile

it gives the following error.

11829, 6126, syntax error, unexpected $end and premature End-Of-File


how do I fix that ?

the patches I used with MaciASL≠ are :

AC DC event notify patch

CFG patch

Fan control patch (G400s/Z500)

Model series Gxxx/Zxxx ID patch

Fn Brightness Keys Patch



Thanks in advance .

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'could also be a side effect of an incorrectly decompiled DSDT table. Rehabman's always recommends to decompile with iasl line command and recompile with MacIASL. Version RM-1.31 (RM252.2) preferred and works always perfectly.

Post your file(s) so we can have a look.

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I did follow the Rehabman's guide to make my DSDT and SSDT.
I fixed my problem by installing the latest Elantech smart touchpad  kext .
but I'd like to have those mods you made, enabled. like fan control...
here is my dsdt  I extracted it on my linux partition .
could you please patch it for me.
it compiles well and works before adding your patches .






I'm on El capitan lenovo Ideapad z500 i7

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Hello, although it may be unreasonable, do you mind share part of the source code? Tthe driver is written three years ago and might not interfere with SmartTrackpad. Your driver is awesome but was limited to few models. The newer ideapads still use the same WMI controlled battery conservation mode and fan control. I want to write something similar to AsusSMC (https://github.com/hieplpvip/AsusSMC). However, there's insufficient data about that.

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