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D630 nVidia - Yosemite Installation Issues


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I am finding this setup a little harder than previous OSX's.


I know I've left something major out, so if someone could help then I would very much appreciate it.


- I have created a USB Installer Key from the OS X Yosemite app.

using ---



Except I used the patched kernel file from Herve's post, being 

                    Vanilla_kernel_10.10-10.10.1.zip ??


- and the Extra folder from the D630 10.10 Bootpack.

- AHCI true

- many versions of Chameleon to the USB


I get the Panic on the running the USB boot (with -v -f flags)


I am being naive here that I can get Yosemite running without Clover?


Hope you can help guys  :ugeek:

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Follow the guide I had posted here using your own specific Yosemite installation app (not the DP installation app of course).

The D630n does not require any patched kernel. Use the vanilla kernels that are available here.

The full D630n Yosemite pack is available here.


For Chameleon, use an older version such as r2401. It works perfectly.

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Thanks for your comments guys,


I downloaded the Yosemite 10.10 app from the App Store (build 14D131a), so not sure of the version and if thats right. Is this 10.10.3 maybe ??? Is so, i will change the kernel to reflect.


Sorry Herve, what's the DP app, is this the developer preview and where can i obtain this.


The kernel I've been using is the Vanilla Kernel 10.10 - 10.10.1.zip from your link Hervé.


I tried both the Extra bootpack from the osxlatitude site and the Yosemite pack Herve recommended with the link.


Hopefully I can move forward with your help  :-P . thanks


Please see KP attached.

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Build 14D131 = Yosemite 10.10.3. You must therefore use kernel 10.10.3, not 10.10.0/10.10.1.


As I said, forget about Yosemite DP... The guide I linked you to for installing Yosesmite on the D630n refers to Yosemite DP package because of the time at which it was written. Use your downloaded 10.10.3 app obviously. In other words, when you see the reference to Yos DP app at the beginning of there guide, use your 10.10.3 installation package instead.


I recommend that you use only the full pack I uploaded, that's guaranteed to work with my guide. Due to persisting problems, I've stopped using EDP and the published boot packs.

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Thanks for the quick response Herve, it all makes sense now guys.

I thought the app was just the first version.


I will try it later on this evening and let you know how I get on. I can't give up on this latitude d630 just yet, we've been through too much. Plus the swapping the modular bay's help in these situations.


Speak soon. Thanks so much

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Finally I have installed Yosemite 10.10.4 following the guide with the right vanilla kernel 10.10.4, I'm typing from it now. But I don't have audio,wifi and double finger scrolling working..I have to load some special kexts maybe? Thank you for the support. 


---EDIT: Got audio working with Voodoo kext.---


Any idea with the double finger scrolling? I know I have a wifi Dell DW1395 so it doesn't work properly..Can anybody suggest me a good cheap wifi card replacement for Dell D630? Thank you guys!! 

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