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Cannot boot from Clover USB on Dell 6220

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Hello all,

Trying to install 10.10 on a Dell 6220.  It's on the compatibility list, and I have created a clover USB install.  The installer successfully boots on other systems, but on the Dell I get a 'Selected Boot Device Failed."


The BIOS is the latest A13.  In the BIOS I've reset everything to default and set AHCI as recommended.  I'm using the Legacy instead of UEFI (also recommended).


Any ideas what I am doing wrong?  Thanks!

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This BIOS doesn't specifically have a secure boot option, but looking through the settings nothing is enforced or secure, with the exception of CPU XD mode which I wouldn't think would be an issue.


I've done D620s and D630s before using the tools and advice here with little issue.  I wonder if this laptop just has a problem.

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I tried a Kingston USB instead of SanDisk with no luck.  I also grabbed a E6420 and my USB would not boot on it either.  It successfully boots on three different Lenovos.  I feel like I am a setting away, but feelings don't count for a lot.


I will look up how to do Chameleon and give it a shot.  Thank you for you help on this.  I'm pretty lost when things just don't work without an error code or anything.

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