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Problems with Post-Installation of Yosemite and Dell E6220


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 followed the Howto from Hervé.

(Dell Latitude E6220 with Intel i5-2520M, HD3000 and 1366x...)

I used the Extra Folder out Hervés Projekt. All looks fine but Sound and starting from HDD. I have installed Chameleon. When i'm booting from HDD, i am run in an BOOT Error.

When i look at the Systemlog i see also:



  Version: 218.0.0

  Zuletzt geändert: 23.03.15 19:31

  Paket-ID: com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement

  Geladen: Nein

  Erhalten von: Unbekannt

  Art: Intel

  Architekturen: x86_64

  64-Bit (Intel): Ja

  Ort: /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext

  Kext-Version: 218.0.0

  Ladbar: Nein

  Fehler bei der Unterschriftenvalidierung: Kext signature validation error code -67061

  Abhängigkeiten: Erfüllt

  Signiert von: Unbekannt


There are Problems with the Signature.

Thank's for every advice.

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Of course there will be an alert on this kext signature, that's perfectly normal: the kext is patched to support Sandy/Ivy bridge CPU on the locked-MSR BIOS, therefore it's no longer vanilla! Without this patched kext, you'd need to use NullCPUPM (and obtain no CPU power management at all as a consequence) to avoid KP. However, unrecognized kext signature is not a problem in Yosemite as long as you use the boot option kext-dev-mode=1 and that's already included in the pack I posted.


Bottom line is that this has nothing to do with your BOOT error, which is due to an incorrectly installed bootloader. Maybe you are facing the well-know 4K-sector HDD issue, in which case look it up to apply the fix.

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I have some Post-Installation troubles as well.
My E6220 is almost the same - the only difference is the processor Intel 2.7GHz Core i7-2620M


I am using all Kexts from that tutorial and they seem to work, however my bootloader is Clover.  I don’t seem to be able to boot from SSD using Chameleon.


My system currently boots via Clover with some DSDT file, which I created by merging and patching several different things, when I was simply playing with MaciASL for the first time and I can’t remember or re-create the process.


Anyway, I have some random video glitches. My screen “About this Macâ€, shows only ??????? after listing my 4GB RAM. Not specific type like DDR3 or 1333MHz..

When I go to memory , it shows the 2 slots as empty.

System information tool does not show any PCI devices, I have BCM943224HMS, which is not listed anywhere. I know that I may have to rebrand, but even if not working as it is – it should be somehow visible in PCI devices, right ?


I suspect that I need to create the correct DSDT and SSDT to solve the issues and I will have a perfectly working system.


I used the F4 trick at Clover startup to generate original DSDT file for my system.


Now I am wondering, how to patch it.


Basically, I think that I have to use Hervé’s DSDT & SSDT and update only the CPU info , right ?


Hervé, is it going to work ? Is there anything tricky how to update only the CPU info in your DSDT & SSDT ?

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Jake, many thanks for mentioning the script name, I just hit it in google and find how to use it.


It seems I have everything working but sleep mode. I found this in Nerve's guide:



  • system sleeps Ok through power button, Fn-F1, Apple menu->Sleep and energy savings settings with hibernation mode set to 0 (sleep to RAM) and /var/vm/sleepimage file deleted. Wakes Ok through power button.



I know how to delete sleepimage file, however I don't seem to have a clue about "energy savings settings with hibernation mode set to 0 (sleep to RAM)" , should I edit some specific configuration file , because none of the regular settings have anything mentioning hibernation.

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