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E6410 nVidia - El Capitan

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Hi All, 


If I would have all the time in the world I would be here WAY more often :-)

But I haven't  :-(

So I follow with great interest to see how I can make El Capitan install on my E6410.


Would be great to see a Guide, for a light caliber user.  Thank You, Merci, Dankjewel, Vielen Dank, Muchos Gracias, Gracie, etc etc..


Have a great evening,


Brgds, Bart   :-P

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boy i am happy you did this. 


Let me get this one straight, a GPT USB drive...how did you manage to boot it? (UEFI Approach??)


Also, i really thought i knew a few things, but the Hackie community makes it really easy to confuse oneself. The kexts, is there any benefit of installing them in /L/E (or /S/L/E) compared to injecting them in the kext folder in Clover?


again dudu, thanks a lot for this :).

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Not uefi.

Format your usb (fat or Mac journalised) and install clover.


L/E just because it is easier to see all hackintosh kexts, as you can see, only few kexts in this folder.

But you have to install it by yourself.


I prefer "from scratch" guide, to help people to understand what they have on their computer.


Generally people prefer have an easy installer.

A ready to use package.


I think hackintosh is not for lazzy people.

We have to read and understand so many thing...


Oftenly, create a new hackintosh can take me more than 20hours and sometimes not all is working.


Hope you will have a nice hackintosh and maybe have Time to fix shutdown and/or battery issue.



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I just made a hackie for a friend, a E5410. I loved its method of booting in to an EFI File, it even had a Browse click.

That said, it even booted and detected the EFI partition of GPT Drives. The same thing applies for the HDD.


I have a Dual HDD system in my E6410, where i installed Windows 10 in UEFI. Copying Clover there WORKS, but i dont know WHY.

I will join the testing soon, work has left me 6 months without a challenge...

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I still haven't figured out how to fix my el capitan usb issue. I used chameleon for my bootloader and I patched my dsdt, and everything works on the installer including my usb mouse and it recognizes my other usb peripherals. Then after I install, I use my usb with the patched dsdt to boot El Capitan and it doesn't recognize any of my usb ports. It doesn't make any sense.

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