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Intel hd 5500 shows 7mb in lenovo z51-70


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i successfully install OS X 10.11 in my lenovo z51-70

every thing working .

But i have a big issue with intel hd5500 when i inject it in clover

i get a kernel panic which i attached below.

i did not patch dvmt in bios because i use patch for appleintelBDWGrapicsframebuffer.kext

so please help me its my last topic so please help me to make intel hd 5500 workable





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Hey Jake 

i again attach booth file in my first post

the error is like

when i use inject intel =ture its give me kernel backtrack error

when i use inject intel=false then osx boot with 7mb hd 5500


so help me to make intel hd 5500 workble

i also use dsdt from osxlatitude bootpack

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You Config is corrupted, not sure if it's due to how you attach it or what. 

I was able to fix it and change a few things. See if this work.

The KP is due to the graphics not able to load because DVMT was not set to the require volume minimum.


The kext patch is t o bypass that criteria, but not optimal.

Try this config and if you get KP, try to boot without cache.


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hello jake 

I use your confi.plist for my lenovo z51-70

the osx boot without any kernel panic using your config. plist 

but my display is looks very ugly and not visible because of graphics glithing

so please give a fix for it

i attach the photo of the desktop below


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i try your kext and also all dsdt available at the osx latitude. but the brightness not working

and also a problem come again that is when i use bootpack dsdt the hd5500 gpu not work after sleep the blank display only.

 so can you please attach a working dsdt for lenovo z51-70

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